Preparing Kids & Young Adults for Life with Real Skills
Your kids aren’t learning everything they need to know in school, not even close. You want to raise confident, self-assured children, which means they need to know more than Algebra and Biology. How are you setting your kids up for success once they leave your nest?
Why Kids Need Real Life Skills

Understanding Shakespeare and being able to determine the area of a triangle are great, but they rarely translate to the real world. When your kids are out on their own, what’s really going to help them thrive?

Consider these scenarios:
Cooking at home saves money. If your kids don’t know how, they’ll be relegated to daily take out. The cost of food prepared at home dropped by 0.5% while the price of eating out rose by 2.7%.

Completing simple car maintenance reduces cost of ownership. Just changing the oil themselves will save on average $10 every 5,000 miles. Other easy fixes like changing windshield wipers or replacing a headlight will save hundreds in labor fees.

At some point, we’ll all encounter a leaky toilet or other plumbing problem. On average, homeowners pay $300 for every plumber visit. By having the skills to keep pipes maintained and correct minor issues, that’s less phone calls to plumbing companies.
So, how can you help them become self-sufficient adults?

Skill Trek has the solution. We offer life-skills for those aged 5 to 18 and older (mom and dad can learn, too). Mastering these skills empowers kids to lead better adult lives (unless you want them to live with you forever).

If you didn’t think teaching kids how to dust could be fun, now you know. With our creative and amusing lessons and videos, you’ll have a pro sweeper in no time.

Check out a sample of our dusting lesson here
What Can Your Kids Learn with Skill Trek?​​​​​​

We’re all about offering practical knowledge that your kids will need to know if they are going to make it out of your house and on their own. These were once considered basics, yet millions of 18-year-old students enter college every year without knowing how to balance a checkbook or do laundry. The Skill Trek curriculum seeks to help youths build character and become self-sufficient.
Skill Trek Categories Include:
Get access to our entire curriculum of skill lessons: 
 Allow kids to learn at their pace, with new topics added regularly.
Online Membership Portal
Customizable Plan
Legacy skills assessment tool to check for gaps in learning and measure success
Fresh skills updated regularly
Unlimited access to skill lessons for every age group
Complete library of bonus skills, current events, and topical information
Family memberships start at $14.95 per month
Jumpstart Your Kid's Life Skills 

We also offer Skill Trek Express, which offers bundles on a quarterly basis. 
What You Need to Know About Skill Trek
Age Groups
Start kids as young as 5 (some preschoolers can benefit, too).

Ages 5 to 9 are identified as Trailblazers. Ages 9 to 12 are Rockhoppers. Ages 13 and beyond are the Cragsman group.

Should your child be developmentally advanced, you may choose to go forward to the next group.
Co-ops and Groups
Skill Trek lessons are designed for individual family use.

Should your group want to use Skill Trek with us, we offer a nifty discount for group purchases. Send us a note at
Most lessons have a PDF and video. If your child isn’t reading yet, then you’ll need to review with them. But don’t worry, these are designed to be quick and most take only five minutes.

The learning magic happens in the application. Some of our subjects require the use of equipment or tools, thus you may need to oversee their activities.
Kind Words From Happy Families...
"I sometimes don’t feel equipped to provide quality, focused time with my kids. I love that Skill Trek gives me a guide and ideas, and we’ve had some great one-on-one time with all of our children."
"Even after 25 years of motherhood, I only recently realized how much I needed Skill Trek. I have a tendency to "see what needs to be done and then do it," but over the years that has actually not been a good thing. I wasn't allowing my kids to learn important skills that prepared them for life. The best part is that my kids are responding so well to Skill Trek! It's the 'kick in the pants' this mama needed to get my kids on the path to learning important basic life skills. Thank you Skill Trek!"
"My kids really love the program. They love how it speaks right to them and encourages them to be more capable. I can’t wait to watch them keep learning! The look on their face after earning their nugget is so priceless."
"My kids drop everything when they hear the video music come on and come running."
"Skill Trek is the one thing I didn’t realize was missing from our homeschool journey. I cannot wait to see what my children learn by the end of the year!"
We designed our platform to empower kids and young adults. Here’s what some of our clients shared with us about how Skill Trek is making a difference in their family. 

"Skill Trek is the one thing I didn’t realize was missing from our homeschool journey. I cannot wait to see what my children learn by the end of the year!" Stephanie of The Multi-Taskin' Mom

"Oftentimes as parents we underestimate our child’s abilities. Skill Trek helps you set the bar high, but not too high for their age as well as ability. This is one program we will continue to use with each child as they grow!" Annette of In All You Do

"I’ve enjoyed reading these lessons. Respect for older people, responsibility, cleaning up after yourself, being helpful and having a spirit of kindness – how did we lose all those things?"
Karen Saari, Skill Trek Editor Team